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suyeon jo

MIRAE - Debut Profile Film for DSP ent.

Production - FANTAZYLAB


Directed by Ziyong Kim

Produced by Suyeon Jo


1st Assistant Director - Bohyeog Kim

2nd Assistant Director - Yoonzo Hwang, Jungjae Lee


Director of Photography - In-mo Yun (ATOD)

1st Assistant Camera - Jae-hwan Ryu

2nd Assistant Camera - Gwang-mo Kim

DIT - Juyeon An

3rd Assistant Camera - Hyunji Kim, Minha Hwang


Gaffer - Bo-ram Kim (WattLite)

1st Assistnat - Yu-Bin Oh

2nd - In-Hyuk Lee

3rd - Kwanhee Kim

4th - Minwoo Park


Showlight Artist - Mankyu Choi

Assistant - Minwoo Seol, Dajeong Min, Minwoo Seol, Gyeongho Ko, Juhyeon Kim


Art director - Yumi Park (VANART) 

Art Assistant - Uizin Lee 

Eun Sook Jeong 


Jimmy Jib - Dongjin Lee

1st Assistnat - Seok Chan Lee

2nd Assistant - Hojun Choi

3rd Assistnat - Jiyong Lee


Visual Effects - Jungoo Lee


Music by Valo @valoism


Production Assistant - Sangchul Park, il Ju

Individual Profile Film 


All Music by @valoism_

suyeon jo

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